Rock & Roll Cantina

Saint Añejo is M Street's premier Mexican restaurant featuring inspired Mexican cuisine, Latin mixology, and a premium tequila + mezcal menu of over 120 labels. The menu showcases creative tacos, house-made guacamole, and regionally influenced chef specialties. Saint Añejo's cocktail list features craft margaritas and Latin mixology classics constructed with premium spirits and unique, exotic flavor profiles.

A series of convertible windows opens the entire space out to M Street, and an elevated large patio shares an indoor/outdoor bar with the interior. For those looking to host an intimate gathering, the Tequila Library, a private mezzanine overlooking the main level, is perfectly suited to host a tequila tasting, birthday party, or other private event.

2021 Saint Anjeo Recommended by Restaurant Guru restaurant clicks best of 2021
Outdoor patio dining decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and greenery